Joe Paul Nichols

9/13/1941 - 7/27/2011

I consider myself to be a blessed man. I have gained so many friends and fans over the past years and each one has a special place in my heart.

I want to say, "Thanks" to the fans who listen to Traditional Country Music, Western Swing and Country Gospel Music and to the DJ's who play it. Let us keep it alive and going strong.

Thank you for making me recall all the memories,

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JOE PAUL NICHOLS is a fourth generation TEXAN, from Jacksboro. Coming from Texas frontier stock, to me, makes Joe Paul, someone very special. The character of those pioneers were impeccable. Their word was good, they were honest, hard workers, and people of high moral values. This is Joe Paul Nichols. Joe Paul amplifies all the above, when he is visiting with his friends, and fans, performing on stage, and recording. Joe Paul is real COUNTRY MUSIC.
-Larry Scott, KVOO
Tulsa, Ok.

JOE PAUL NICHOLS has long delighted Texans and people from across the country with his music. Mr. Nichols love for song and Entertainment is demonstrated by his long and illustrious career, which began way back in 1957, when he was 16. His wholesome songs brought cheers across the Lone Star State and Throughout the American Southwest.
-Governor Rick Perry